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Peeing Like a Champ

As of 5:30AM this morning she was peeing more than she had the past 48 hours. Incredible progress from her kidneys. They (the nurses) are thinking the diuretics seemed to have really helped last night. They even had to hold the diuretics for a bit since she was peeing so much.

Miraculous. (Was about to say to the nurse: not to mention all the Asher Yatzar Prayers of Ayelet Nation that musta kicked back in)

Breathing - She got somehow got it together here as well, over the course of the night her PH back in a normal range and her Co2 is back in the 50s. She is still on the oscillator at around 36 from yesterday’s craziness but has maintained it over the course of the night. Her blood pressure has been decent as well.

Her Electrolytes were a bit off but hoping the corrections we made will make that a non-issue.

We are awaiting the doctors rounds now to see if she met the tests set by the docs last night who talked serisouly to us about dialysis and all the potential challenges that comes with it.

In our eyes she did way better than anyone expected. Again.

We know we are clearly still deep in the woods, but are praying they say “She has turned a corner” - stay tuned.