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Day 149 - Every Breath You Take

Ayelet had a productive night where she did what most people do:




All good things we may at times may take for granted, Ayelet does through the planned and calculated wisdom of the ICU/BMT team that manages and monitors every breathe she takes, every drug she takes (about 15), and every drop of pee she makes.The team will be watching her.

The nurses can recite most every med, setting and level by heart down and when they cant they have the data at the computer that tracks every med and the trends Ayelet’s body is showing.

I have to assume she has become one of the more complex cases, dodging bullets left and right, and even with 1 dedicated nurse 24 hours a day, at times they’ll need 2-3 on their feet through their entire shifts. Nonstop kindness, dedication and sheer hardwork to keep those simple things going for our 2 year old princess.

We’ll try and wean down another level today, but her peeing continued without meds…so great to hear. At this rate, the timing might be more like weeks than days for getting off the vent but so be it if it’s what it takes.

We’ll let her body, and frankly her bravery, take the lead.